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Whisky RangeJohn Scott and Miller holds a very large range of Scottish blended and single malt whiskies, together with several Irish, American, Canadian and other world products.

In our selection of malts are numerous limited bottlings of Orkney's very own whiskies: HIGHLAND PARK and SCAPA, which we source directly from many of the U.K.'s leading independent bottlers, including:

Many of these expressions are exclusive to us in Orkney and indeed, are not even readily available in specialist whisky shops on the Scottish mainland.

John Scott's - our own exclusive range

Whisky from John Scott and Miller LtdIn late 2003, the firm of John Scott & Miller Ltd released two extremely limited bottlings of 'HIGHLAND PARK', under its very own 'John Scott's' label.

These were bottled in conjunction with 'Duncan Taylor & Co.' of Huntly, and derived from the contents of two quarter casks laid down in the Sixties by the present proprietor's late father (the former proprietor).

These have since sold out, but, we do intend to release more similarly-aged examples within the not-too-distant future. As before, these will be hand-numbered, single cask expressions bottled at their natural cask strength and colour, with the minimum use of filtration in order to retain the true character of the whiskies.

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If you are interested in purchasing any of the blend or our future single malt releases, please contact us.

We also stock water jugs with the logos of various blends and malts, and the 'Glencairn Glass' - a specially designed whisky glass to enhance your enjoyment of your favourite tipple. And, to keep you informed of all that is happening in the world of whisky, we stock Whisky magazine along with a small selection of whisky-related books.

If you enjoy a smoke with your drink, we have a range of Havana, Dominican Republic and Dutch cigars.

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